An afternoon of wheelie training

A beautiful summer afternoon at the trials park, saw some focused training on wheelies today. As Mick Rummery pointed out, being able to control the placement and control of your front wheel is critical in trials. Some of us are still coming to terms with getting the front tyre up and placing on obstacles when required, so it was great to get some helpful hints from the more experience riders Mick, Glenn, Andrew and Keiren. Even the juniors were getting into the act, no doubt learning all they know from dad Peter.

Afternoon training is a great time to socialise and pick up some helpful hints along the way. Each week we generally tackle something different, so come along.

About the author: Mick Maddy

Joined the club in mid 2015 with the aim of improving my technical riding for my enduro riding out bush. I find the trials riding has been brilliant for that.