Coaching Day

Five of NSW’s promising Junior riders will attend a Toby Coleman Coaching School at Fairbairn Trials Park this Wednesday, April 6th.

Bailey Boniface, Ben Franco, Maverick Ford, Rory Hartshorn and Mack Harshorn will attend and will get coaching and guidance from British Trials Rider Alexz Wigg.

Alexz is a past winner of the Junior World Trials Championship, the European Trials Championship and the Scottish Six Days Trial. He is currently visiting Australia and has taken the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and skills to riders in four States.

TCC member Alastair Farquhar made a generous donation to the Australian Trials des Nations Team appeal, and Australian Team Manager Phil Whittle offered a days coaching from Alexz in recognition of the donation.

You’re invited to call out to Fairbairn Trials Park anytime on Wednesday to spectate, and to take the opportunity to see a World Class Trials rider demonstrate his skills.

Belly’s PHFC barbecue will be on hand for a sausage sizzle to round off the day around 3.30pm

Any donations to the Australian Trials des Nations Team appeal will be gratefully accepted.

Please be aware that this is not a Social Ride Day, so please leave your bikes at home.

About the author: Bryan Bennett