How to get more Social Rides

I have recently been answering a lot of questions about when the next social ride is.

The simple answer to that is “When someone volunteers to run one”. So far no one that has asked about when they are on has then asked “How do I volunteer to run one?”.

It is actually a fairly simple thing to do.

To run a social ride at Fairbairn Park you need the following things:

  1. Two level 1 Officials or one level 2 Official.
  2. Be confident and responsible enough to make sure any people at the park are TCC members, sign on, and pay the correct monies.
  3. Talk to Glenn, our current social ride co-ordinator who can show you how to complete the sign on books and take the money.
  4. Send a message to the facebook page so we can put a post up on facebook and the website.
  5. Show up on time and open the park.


Most people get stuck at the first step because they are not an official. The whole process to obtain a level 1 officials licence is done online here There is a quick online seminar and then an online assessment, once you’ve completed those you can email your application to the MNSW office.

If you have any issues with the exam please contact the club as we can help you through the process.

About the author: Bryan Bennett