Trial Riders Association now incorporated + Mt Kembla Interclub Trial Report

The Trial Riders Association has now been Incorporated with the NSW Office of Fair Trading, and Affiliated with MNSW. Thanks to Matt Charles, Gary Boniface and Paul Arnott for their combined input. The underlying  incentive to establish the TRA is to ensure that all MNSW Trials events can be ridden by any TRA members, and that all competitors will be fully insured by MA’s Public Risk Insurance scheme. Paperwork for Ridernet implementation, and also the establishment of Bank account details are currently underway. In the meantime, anyone wishing to join the TRA should contact Trevor Bennett at the Trials Club of Canberra. Membership of the Trial Riders Association costs a nominal $2 per year, however a pre-requisite is that the applicant must be a financial member of another MNSW affiliated club. Paul Arnott has confirmed that all members of the Trials Club of Canberra, and Pacific Park Trials Club along with the Trials riders in Bankstown Wiley Park MCC, Manly Warringah MCC, Wollongong MCC, Lower Mountains MCC and Denman MCC will all get their first TRA fees paid out of the profits of the Hell Team 2015 Australian Trials Championships. This is in recognition of their combined input to the success of that event. At time of writing the TRA has 253 members. I have to thank Frank Driessens, Manly Warringah MCC, Paul Arnott, Pacific Park TC, Andy Daly, Denman MCC, Bob McGlinchy, Bankstown Wiley Park MCC, Gary Boniface, Wollongong MCC and Kevin Zarczynski, Lower Mountains MCC for getting this list of members together. Many of you have no wish to travel to ride at any other Club, and this is perfectly acceptable. TRA membership merely ensures that you have the option of riding at any NSW Interclub Trials, and most importantly be fully insured. The Interclub Trial that TCC ran at Top Naas in February attracted 52 starters, including 5 riders who were not TCC members. To put that in some perspective, the NSW Titles  attracted only 43 riders for Round One, and 48 riders for Round Two. The recent Wollongong Club Trial at Mt Kembla attracted visiting riders from the Denman and Manly Warringah clubs. I attended in a spectating capacity as I’m another fortnight away from riding. I took the opportunity to have a chat (yes, me), and to take some photos at what was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. I’ve personally ridden in 21 Open Trials at Mt Kembla since 1974 and it is fair to say that the changes to the complex are a massive endorsement of Wollongong MCC.  This was a brilliant example of a really enjoyable fun Trial. Run as an Interclub Trial between Wollongong MCC and the Trial Riders Association, this event could have easily attracted an additional 15 to 20 starters.

About the author: Trevor Bennett