Trials Club of Canberra 2017 Membership

All TCC memberships expired on December 31st. You can rejoin TCC in a number of ways. Log in to Ridernet and pay directly into our Credit Union account. This avoids Credit Card transaction fees. Email me directly (Trevor Bennett) and confirm that your details have not changed, or include any changes. You can do a direct deposit into our Credit Union account, or you can include a cheque made out to the Trials Club of Canberra.

Post a paper membership application form to me, including a cheque, or a copy of your direct deposit into the TCC account. Paper form can be found here Membership Renewal form 17 Call around to 37 Willoughby Crescent, Gilmore, ACT and just pay me the cash. Just remember that you are not entitled to ride in any TCC Social Rides at Fairbairn Park until your membership is renewed.

About the author: Bryan Bennett