Sunday July 16th at Fairbairn Trials Park was pretty special for me. It was the first Canberra Open Trial that I’ve ridden in, since I started riding in 1973, where I didn’t have anything to do with the organisation of the event.

Bev Anderson put her hand up to be the co-ordinator and it appears to me that she did a very good job in what was her first attempt in this role. It was great that so many TCC members offered Bev their assistance.

Julie Collins’ contribution work with sponsor and Observers was enormous and really had a positive influence on the success of the event.

A big thank you to our Licenced Officials, Bob McGlinchy (Steward), Dave Wynn (Clerk of Course), Bryan Bennett (Race Secretary) and Mark Walker (Scrutineer).

I noticed Trent Humphries helping Mark with scrutineering, great effort from a relative newcomer. Special mention to a couple of lapsed Licenced Officials in Wendy and Cheryl Bennett.

Finally a personal thankyou to Rachel Colbert, and her three Hawkies team-mates, for their superb catering. On ya Colby.

Our sport really doesn’t happen without the most important people at any Trial, the Observers. Julie now understands just what a challenge securing those invaluable volunteers can be.

Thanks from all of us to Deb Ackland, Felicity ‘Flic’ Patterson, Kerrin Phillips, David Wicks, Andrew Adams, Bev Anderson, Shannan Forest and Bob Tindall.

The photos included in this article are courtesy of Wayne Corbin, an amateur photographer that thoroughly enjoyed his day at Fairbairn Park.

We had 47 riders if you include the two Sidecar passengers. 14 women was a great roll up, and the Victorian, and Tasmanian, support was very much appreciated.

The attached results are marginally different to the ones previously circulated as I’ve included all the Juniors as Juniors, rather than Juniors 7 – 12 only.

Whilst we were in Europe I decided that I would put a white nameplate on the Sherco and ride Clubman class in the way we designed it all those years ago. The one white split at the start of Section 3 did prevent me riding a more interesting line, however I did drop at least one ‘one’.

I think Flic’s number two was a good challenge for me and I lost quite a variety of points in it by taking adventurous options up the hill. I did ride one of the tyres a couple of times, but then messed up the exit.

David Wicks’ number 4 had me psyched out by the first log. This was a replica of the log that I had so much trouble with in Tasmania in March. I had one attempt at it and ran straight into it. I would have given me a ‘five’, but Dave reckoned that as soon as I ran into the log, I turned hard left and rode the rest of the section well. He gave me a ‘three’. If you check the attached scores you’ll see it didn’t make any difference.

I managed to ride part of the B line, and the rest of the C line in Bev’s number 6. Actually cleaned it twice so I was happy with that.

Shannan’s number seven was a lot of fun. I managed to clean the first big rock each time I rode it. Last time I rode a Club trial at Fairbairn I just couldn’t get over that rock.

Finally in Bob’s number eight I eventually rode all of the C grade line bar the last rock and pallet for a couple of cleans.

I have to acknowledge the sterling effort from Toby Coleman, Luke Anderson, Mark Walker and their group of section setters in creating a range of sections that were a lot of fun to ride.

A pdf of the results can be found 2017 SWC results Trev

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