Under Review – Junior Coaching Program

The Junior Coaching Program (JCP) is a national initiative by Motorcycling Australia. It applies to all current and potential juniors aged between 7 and under 16 who wish to obtain or renew a competition licence. The aim of the JCP is to improve rider safety through regular coaching and to maintain skills for all junior motorcycle competitors. Key Points for the JCP
  • A junior rider wishing to obtain a junior competition licence for the first time must complete the Kickstart program under instruction from an accredited Motorcycle Sport coach.
  • A junior rider wishing to renew their junior competition licence must undertake a minimum of five (5) hours per year of coaching under instruction from an accredited Motorcycle Sport coach until they reach the age of 16.
  • All junior riders must maintain a Log Book of the coaching hours.
Full details of the JCP are in the new “Kick Start – Getting Started In Motorcycle Sport” booklet for juniors, found on the Motorcycling Australia website. Kickstart – Getting started in Junior Motorcycle Sport Junior Coaching Program – Moto Trials Lesson Plan