Unlike most other forms of motorcycle sport, Trials is not racing. It is simply you and your bike pitted against the terrain. Trials is a sport of balance, skill and concentration. One at a time, competitors will ride over an obstacle course of boulders, streams, hill climbs, logs, drop offs, and nearly anything else they can find.

SDC13583Trials is the world’s most popular participatory motorcycle sport. In Australia about one thousand riders compete, in Europe hundreds of thousands compete regularly. Trials riders compete in all weather conditions.

There are classes for everyone. From Juniors of 16 years of age – down to barely walking, through to Veterans from 40 to 70+. There are classes to cover all rider ability levels, with Expert, A, B, C, and Clubman/Novice levels. There are also classes for Masters (35+). Other classes include Sidecar, Post-Classic (twin shock) and Classic.

Whilst it is spectacular and sometimes appears dangerous at the top level, it is a very safe sport. Speed and other competitors are not factors likely to cause incidents, so the sport remains very safe. Very few injuries are sustained due to the low speeds and “one at a time” use of sections by competitors.

IMG_1128.JPGRiders in the top classes attempt seemingly impossible obstacles, and in the process perform some of the most amazing skilled and trick riding – including air turns, bunny hops and bouncing the front and rear wheels during turns. This section will take you through learning about trials and how to get started.