Q. I don’t have a bike? Can I still try it out? A. Yes. The club has a ‘club bike’ which is available to new members wanting to try it out before committing to buying a second-hand or new bike. You will need to purchase a club membership ($70) and riding licence ($10 if you have MNSW riding lic or $20 if not) to ride the bike. This is to cover yours and the clubs insurance interests. Just contact us and we will arrange for the bike and someone to introduce you to trials to test the waters. It will most likely be on one of our social day rides. Q. What age can my kids start riding? A. 7 years old is the minimum age for junior riders in competition. Q. I already ride enduro, will this be easy? A. Some enduro riders get quickly disappointed, because although you are going slower, you don’t have a seat for an anchor and the bike is completely different. As long as you are willing to learn, come to social rides and simply persist, you will improve both your trials and enduro riding. Just take Graham Jarvis or Tim Coleman for example 🙂 Q. How do I get a competition Licence? A. Motorcycling Australia Licences in NSW and ACT are provided through Motorcycling NSW, you can apply for a competition licence online or by sending in the application form. Go to the MNSW website where you can apply for a licence using the RiderNet system.