Membership of the Trials Club of Canberra allows you to ride at any TCC event or social ride throughout the year. You will also be added to the mailing list so you can keep up to date with news and events run by the TCC.

This document Welcome to the Trials Club of Canberra Inc for 2021 will explain that the Trials Club of Canberra is now affiliated with the Australian Motorcyclist Association. You will need to join AMA and TCC separately.


You will need to be an AMA member to ride in any TCC event including Social Rides. You can join AMA at this link

TCC Membership Form and Payment

To join the Trials Club of Canberra please follow the link below to download a copy of the membership form and send it to the Club Secretary whose details are on the form.

  • To ride social rides at the TCC park, you must be an AMA member, and you require a TCC membership, and can pay per ride.
  • If you want to compete in any Trials competitions, then you will need to join AMA separately.
  • Payment for TCC membership can be via Bank transfer as displayed on the form.
Download TCC Membership Form

Or fill in our online form.